So you have your own DIY code anlaysis tool with a swanky UI, but you also fell in love with Joern? We understand that!

Get Joern

$ curl -L | sudo bash

Start Joern Server

$ joern --server                                                            

Yep, its that esay!

Integrate queries in your code

Lets get the python CPG Query Language client library so we can test some integrations with Python. Don't worry, we jave a JS integration also for your glorious hipster JS UIs!

$ pip install cpgqls-client                                                  

Fire up some queries in your Python client!

from cpgqls_client import CPGQLSClient, import_code_query

server_endpoint = "localhost:8080"
client = CPGQLSClient(server_endpoint)

query = import_code_query("/home/suchakra/Projects/test.jar", "test-app")    
result = client.execute(query)

# execute a simple CPGQuery to list all methods in the code
query = ""
result = client.execute(query)

Thats it! For additional info, go look at some docs or get a closer look at the Python client library here 👈